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Debt Recovery Reports

If you need to attend a finance group or committee meeting you will want to have the key facts in your hand. This data is also presented in a number of online reports for clients and these reports can be accessed at any time by the client.

In fact there are 6 reports to be accessed via our portal.

  1. Active Files
  2. Files Refereed
  3. Payments Listing
  4. Costs Summary
  5. Spin Down
  6. Closed File

It takes less than a minute to create the report.

The user can view the report on screen and can easily download the report to Excel or CSV for their management meeting.


Credit Management Reports

A similar situation exists for credit management. We have a suit of reports published into the web portal. This includes:

  • Arrears Profile
  • Transactions
  • Risk Accounts

We can also tailor and present monthly reports as part of the contract arrangement.

Talk to us today about Debt Recovery Report and Credit Management Reports. We provide our services in Adelaide, Melbourne and Darwin. Enquire online or call us on 1800 004 211 to discuss your options.