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ACM is part of the Australia Recoveries Group. In our group we also have Australian Legal Management Pty Ltd (ALM) which is an incorporated legal practice.

As an ILP this law firm was established solely for the purpose of providing legal services and specialises in credit and debt related legal matters.

Click here to go to the ALM web site: www.australianlegal.com.au

We use ALM and a selection of other law firms when legal expertise and action is required.

Legal services available to you include:

Credit Management

Reviewing your organisation’s credit management related activities and giving legal advice on areas of risk, possible improvement in contract structure and commercial process.

Commercial Terms & Conditions

Reviewing current documentation, version control and giving legal advice. We can draft updated T&Cs for your organisation specifically giving consideration to the most suitable format, customer acceptance, inclusion of recoverable costs, default interest, PPSR terms – plus a review of terms for legal and/or regulatory compliance.

Preparing and Lodging Claims for Debt Recovery

Working in all Australian jurisdictions, our team will take your instructions and review the file with an intent to preparing a claim. As a part of this we will advise if escalation to legal is suitable and if so the best approach for legal action. Once commenced we will manage these actions at competitive rates and full status and cost transparency to you, the client.

Commercial Litigation

Undertaking the necessary steps with correct process and documentation. Where necessary we will be making representations on your behalf – to prosecute your position – in the appropriate jurisdiction and court.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Providing resources for possible ADR on commercial term/contract disputes and debt related matters.

Personal Property Securities Register

Providing legal advice on the PPSR and how this may impact on debt recovery action.

Warrant of Sale/ Seizure

Taking instructions and managing the legal process for sale & seizure of property.

Corporate Insolvency & Matter Management

Taking instructions, giving guidance and managing the legal process for insolvency matters.

Personal Insolvency

Taking instructions and managing the legal process for personal insolvency matters including bankruptcy and other arrangements.

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