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Debt Collection

Debt Collection

There is nothing good about a bad debt. Slow payment and no payment will hurt your business. Our team provides a complete collection service, so you can focus on what you do best.

If you have debt that is over 60 days past due and your attempts to collect have been unsuccessful, call us today.

Our well-proven collection method is ethical and committed to being professional. We have helped many businesses and organisations improve their cash flows and protect their margins.

Our approach to collections is outlined here and is designed to:

  • Provide an escalation option without distracting you for the core business
  • Communicate a sense of urgency to the Debtor
  • Achieve target recovery rates
  • Maintain debtor goodwill
  • Protect your organisation’s market reputation and brand
  • Minimise litigation costs (legal action is a last resort)

Our operation is based on:

  • Refined workflow process (tailored to suit each situation)
  • Smart industry specific software (see: Technology)
  • Skilled and mature workforce
  • Quality assurance system
  • Compliance framework

We have a comprehensive suite of collection tools at our disposal that include:

  • Integrated workflow management and data storage (full audit trail)
  • Risk profiling and analysis
  • Financial questionnaire review and scoring
  • Payment arrangement and monitoring
  • Dispute management
  • Digital Voice Recording (DVR)
  • Notice of Assignment, Demand for Payment and Final Notice letters
  • Outbound call, SMS and email campaigns
  • Inbound call, SMS and email handling
  • Skip tracing
  • Field and investigative services

And – through our associated legal firm Australian Legal Management (and other legal firms we instruct) – we can offer your organisation a full legal recovery service including:

  • credit control and documentation review
  • legal advice
  • formal communication of legal escalation
  • negotiation to settlement
  • litigation
  • post-judgment enforcement
  • insolvency administration

To reduce the risk of write-off, you need an experienced and committed partner who can deliver collections in a compliant and cost-effective manner. We will provide a process-driven approach to increase the rate of recovery. Managing the right credit control and being consistent is all part of setting a credit culture.

Talk to us today about Debt Collection. We provide our services in Adelaide, Melbourne and Darwin. Enquire online or call us on 1800 004 211 to discuss your options.




Disclosure: Our company does not lend or provide credit; we are a debt recovery and credit management specialist. As such and as specified under s22A of the Amended Privacy Act we only use the information for the purposes it was disclosed to our company to help manage credit and undertake any debt recovery action. We do not disclose the information, except to the credit provider or where required or authorised by law or by a court or tribunal order (s21G(3)© and s22E).