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Credit Management

Credit Management

Credit management is where our corporate journey began and remains a key part of our business.

With our technology, skills and expertise we have the capacity to manage your accounts receivables from transaction to full recovery.

We offer an outsourced receivables management service across the various stages of the consumer and commercial credit life cycle.

This activity can include:

  • Revision and update of your credit terms (T&C’s)
  • Check how documents are incorporated into the origination event
  • Check credit policy and process
  • Help to build an internal credit culture
  • Manage accounts receivable – from current to 90 days
  • Escalate accounts to specific debt recovery actions – post 90 days

Our operational model is built around our smart technology and web delivered platform. This enables us to work with your customers very effectively.

Clients using our credit management services benefit from:

  • Improved cash flow / net results
  • Cost saving & cost certainty
  • Access to leading software
  • Full transparency to your AR portfolio at any time
  • Better use of in-house resources
  • Your customers being dealt with by proven hands, based on our strong compliance and quality management systems

First Party Collections (arranging to collect in your name)

It makes good commercial sense to outsource collections to ACM; you can have a focused service, cost certainty and your people are free to focus on your core business.

Once we have scoped the project and set the guidelines we can start collecting in your name. We have trained people and each person is skilled at getting results and dealing with debtor resistance. We have the experience and can set a performance-based service level agreement to meet your quality and outcome requirements.

We can agree the approach to collect in your name: part of the set-up incudes call scripting and the language to be used by our Account Managers; we will work with you to get a result but ensure your brand is not compromised.

Transaction Data Transfer

For Credit Management clients we take a data transfer of a client’s transactions – with all revenue and account details – at the end of each trading period (normally a week).
This will involve taking a feed of mapped sales/transaction data into our dedicated data location at ACM. This data uploads into the AR portfolio for that particular client.
Once we have the information, our team will undertake the credit management function for the client to the set of agreed operating protocols.

Talk to us today about Credit Management. We provide our services in Adelaide, Melbourne and Darwin. Enquire online or call us on 1800 004 211 to discuss your options.

Disclosure: Our company does not lend or provide credit; we are a debt recovery and credit management specialist. As such and as specified under s22A of the Amended Privacy Act we only use the information for the purposes it was disclosed to our company to help manage credit and undertake any debt recovery action. We do not disclose the information, except to the credit provider or where required or authorised by law or by a court or tribunal order (s21G(3)© and s22E).