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Client Updates

Client Updates

Please be aware of the latest updates and service enhancements:

Credit Management & Debt Collection

October 2013: Office – new Adelaide corporate office location
April 2013: Invoicing – formatting revised and launched for selected clients

Contracts / CSA
August 2013: New Client Service Agreement (CSA) has been installed.
[Note: This new CSA takes into effect changes by ACCC as well as our own internal revisions].

Client Portal
January 2014: Arrangement Report – List of arrangements (shows $ amount, last payment, next payment, next date, status etc), download to Excel
June 2013: Payments Report – list of all payments by file
May 2013: Payments History – details of payment history now displaying on file summary
March 2013: Costs Report – list of costs in report format


Loan Portfolio Management

July 2013: Arrears Report – Updated Arrears Report now live in Loantrac® portal