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Below is a list of resources available to you as a client of ACM.

  • Proven experience and process
  • Investigation and trace resources
  • Credit check and reporting tools
  • Industry specific software
  • Secure web portals presenting real-time data
  • Online reporting
  • Data Centre (secure data storage, firewall & servers)
  • (08) and 1800 numbers for phone contact
  • Voice recording for quality control and compliance
  • Email and fax contact points

Plus we have an ‘in-group’ specialist legal firm Australian Legal Management. This allows for:

  • A seamless transition to legal
  • All data, notes and documents viewable on the one secure web portal
  • Complete audit trail on each file – vital for a legal action

Talk to us today about Resources available to you. We provide our services in Adelaide, Melbourne and Darwin. Enquire online or call us on 1800 004 211 to discuss your options.