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1. In which States and/or Territories does ACM work?

Answer: All States and Territories; we work nationally.

2. Does ACM offer credit management services?

Answer: Yes, we provide this service on a retainer basis. We take in transaction data and manage the accounts, collecting money and reporting weekly/monthly.

3. Does ACM have direct access to its own speciality legal facilities?

Answer: Yes, we have an ‘in-group’ specialist legal firm Australian Legal Management which allows for an integrated and seamless transition to legal.

Go to: www.australianlegal.com.au

4. I don’t want inexperienced people working on our files. What is the typical level of industry experience for people in the company managing files ?

Answer: The average level of industry experience for Account Managers is over 8 years.

5. Does ACM off-shore its workforce?

Answer: No; we only use our own employees based here in Australia.